Actually, Mine Were First

If I had time, a much greater percentage of my wardrobe would be made or designed by me. Though not having, I still do manage to have a hand in minor alterations in a lot of what I end up wearing. Besides the requisite hem shortening and waist alterations, I sometimes will just buy things I see potential in and make minor changes to them, especially if they are cheap.

These shoes were about $7. I thought they were very ugly but something reminded me of those lovely opulent embellished slippers I’ve been seeing but could not afford. I imagined them with an obnoxiously large velvet bow in a saffron yellow.

At the trim store I ended up instantly deciding on a floppy blue silk with rough edges. I hope they’ll fray a little in time, I like that look and I think they look well going through the laces. I had to pull the silk through with a tapestry needle and it took a few tried to find the right one. I left the bow as long as possible without allowing it to drag on the ground and trip me, which was the difficult part. I have worn my shoes a couple of times now to the teases of friends and co workers. Apparently they look like clown shoes. I thought they came out quite nice, and just as desired.

A couple of months later, look what I came upon in Banana Republic! I actually prefer mine… Thought this would be a fun one to share.

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