Adobe Certification – Not a bad thing to do I think

I just took the Adobe Expert Certification for Adobe Illustrator and it was a good experience, but not quite what I expected.

Generally, I have always been an excellent test taker and have never really studied for a test (do remember, I also went to a design specific college). There is a wealth of preparation materials available online, but they pretty much all cost money. Adobe has it’s own free study guide available for download that seemed to cover all the basic functionality of the program with easy to follow graphics. From a fairly brief perusal, I use everything covered in the packet extensively, well beyond the scope of the guide so it served only to inflate my confidence.

I was pretty sure I was just going to waltz in there the next day and get 100%. I passed without a problem, but there were a lot of questions that caught me off guard. For instance,


Find out more about the ACE exams here.


Also Lynda has a great video series for the InDesign and Illustrator ACE exam, unfortunately though not for Photoshop! I’ve been really enjoying watching Lynda videos since I learned that Lynda is accessible through the New York Public Library! Just log in online with your library card and find it under Articles and Databases. Another reason to love the library!


Now on to Photoshop!