Building a Reference Library

It can sometimes be hard to find just the right source images for a project. Nowadays, it seems designers seem to be stuck searching online for these materials. It can be time consuming and often less than ideal in the end, leading to copyright issues, or using that have not been used a hundred times before

I have been taking walks with my camera, building up a huge library of reference material for Plumager Inc. You can never have enough textures, and New York City is so full of them! Yesterday I took a nice walk to a nearby park located near some grungy warehouses where I have long been admiring the textured surfaces. There were lots of great paint and rust stains and even some very inspiring tree bark. Different methods of selecting in photoshop will give me so many great texture options to use in my artwork, better than anything I could achieve by painting with a digital brush!

Textured patterns coming soon at