Deer Dress

I found this fabric at my favorite place, Loraine’s in Pawtucket, RI for $1.99 a yard and in 2 colors no less! I had to buy both and wanted to incorporate both into one garment. I sometimes fall prey to this type of situation, where my materials are just too perfect and I use it all to the detriment of the final product. In this case, I feel it came out just right.

The fabric seems like it was intended for ties and has tiny little deer motifs all over it. I also found the perfect lining, an off white with tiny polka dots in the perfect shade of maroon. I used a vintage pattern with kimono sleeves and a separate neckline yoke. I liked the navy fabric better so I used that for most of the dress and kept the red for the yoke. I also made some piping out of the red and added it to the waist line seam to tie it in a little more. To add a little more interest, I added some vintage silver buttons along the shoulder seams.

I was fortunate enough to have this one professionally photographed by the very talented Danel at Danel Photography. You can see more of his work at It is worn by the beautiful model Lena.