Floral Print Reference Photos

Lack of reference material for floral prints has always especially frustrated me. You can find some great images of flowers online, but I sometimes feel uncomfortable borrowing so heavily from the photographer, who is of course originally responsible for many of the choices that make the image great, such as the angle, lighting ect. Also, I usually want several views of the same type of flower, which is difficult, even more difficult when you get to leaves and stems!

The solution is so obvious, though, it’s spring and flowers are everywhere! I’ve been making frequent trips to many of New York’s beautiful parks, especially the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, where it seems every visit rewards me with a new and different crop of lovely flowers. It hasn’t taken me long to collect a massive library of great reference material that I can organize by flower, color ect. using tags and metadata in Adobe Bridge.

I’m not in any way a good photographer, but these work well enough to serve my needs, and I can fix whatever I need to in Photoshop. I have a basic starter DSLR camera that I am learning on. I’d love to take a class someday to learn more about how to use it!

I have some great images of single flowers that can be motifs on their own, especially some at unusual angles I can never seem to find online, of course I have tons of images of the elusive leaves, stems and buds.

Want to set yourself up for an easy Photoshop in seconds? Photograph against a solid background in a color like cyan for an instant green screen effect!

Lots of floral prints coming soon at plumager.com!