Making Adele’s Wedding Dress: The Skirt

Sewing the two skirts together

Now that I have finished the seams on both of the skirts, I have to sew them together. I made a loose stitch along the top edge to keep them lined up together while I make the pleats. The skirt is now so big it needs it’s own seat while I sew it.

Marking the Pleats

The pattern pieces have the pleat lines marked. The safest way to mark the lines is with a special white pencil.

Setting the pleats

I fold the skirt along the lines and loosely stitch them in place. The seams are carefully placed so they fall on the inside of a pleat.

Adjusting the pleats

After I have the pleats in place, I pin the skirt on the dress form to make sure they are even and add up to the correct waist measurement. Each pleat is 1.75″ wide.

The skirt

Once all the pleats are even and the skirt seems to hang nicely, I can put the skirt aside for now and work on the top.