Pen Analysis

Lately I have been really taking advantage of my subway time by drawing and have amassed a pretty shameless collection of pens. Here are some of my new favorites. What I am looking for in a pen is an ink that is very permanent because I usually go over it later with other pens, but also dark. I also want a tip that has a good range of width possibilities. In particular I’ve been searching for the perfect brush pen.


A standout favorite are these Tombow brush tip calligraphy pens. The tip is short skinny felt tip that is able to handle details as well at thick strokes. They come in a soft and hard tip and to be perfectly honest I don’t find there to be a huge difference. There is also a great dual tip version with a grey on the other end! Best of all they are very inexpensive! You can get a whole set on Amazon

Pretty similar is this Pentel version, the Touch Sign pen. It’s great because it comes in a variety of colors and they are all great. I got a few of them on Amazon. Colors are here.

I have been a fan for a while of those tiny little colored Le Pen pens, and was excited to see they have a whole range called Technical Drawing Pen, similar to Micron. They right well and hold fast.

Probably my current favorite pen is this Sailor Fude Nagomi pen from Jet Pens. It writes well and is even just a beautiful pen to look at. It has a dual tip also, but you can hardly see the smaller one, it’s so sleek.


This is the best true brush pen I have found with permanent ink. It has refillable cartridges, which I find less than ideal but the convenience and the way it writes makes up for it. Also from Amazon.

Another thing I discovered while delving into pens is colored lead for mechanical pencils. I almost never use pencil first in my little sketchbooks but it’s great to have this for a few preliminary lines. Also this is amazing for larger projects. I found this to be the best lead. It’s nice and soft and even erases!