Sketchbook Backgrounds

I love having a background already in my sketchbook so I’m not faced with a blank page. I like to collect interesting papers to glue in here and there. It also makes the pages thicker so they can handle more ink. I’ve found a lot of great papers and gotten really good at glueing them in smoothly and permanently.


These are my tools, Super 77 Spray mount, scissors and a bone folder.

I pick out my paper and cut it to just bigger than the size of a sketchbook spread.

The floor needs to be well covered with newspaper to avoid a mess. Place the paper face down and spray an even coat. Each new paper needs a new sheet of newspaper directly under it or it will become sticky from the previous one.

Center the paper on the sketchbook. Press the paper down with the bone folder, starting along the center fold and swiping out.

Let it sit a few minutes until the glue is dried a bit and then trim around the edges.