Vintage Fur Remake – Part 2

Here is my final actual factual leopard scarf, as detailed in the previous post. Haters welcome from both sides. I wanted to just take one picture of it on and ended up having a little Cindy Sherman moment. I set up some party lights I had bought for a project in college and they are really quite transformative. It was a lot of fun, I feel like I learned a lot about lighting just from moving my face around in it. As unflattering as it is, I love how the light brings out the veins on my hands. My favorite shot was actually a mess up one, I wasn’t ready and the hand moved. The result is actually beautiful, the veins are doubled and overly pronounced and the hand almost blends in with the fur. And I almost don’t mind my glasses. They kind of make an interesting prop. This first one kind of amazed me too, it looks like a painting, Chuck Close meet Ron English. I hope to be playing with my new camera a little more.